About me

Designer Bumps is actually all about you — the pregnant woman who wants to feel comfortable and look gorgeous for an upcoming event. It’s also about me, because I’ve been there! During both of my pregnancies (the second with my twins), I needed dresses for an engagement party and wedding. I couldn’t justify splashing out on a special occasion maternity dress that I’d probably only wear once for a couple of hours. At the same time, I wanted to wear something special that made me feel beautiful! I knew that if I was feeling frustrated, plenty of other expecting mums must be too. With this in mind, I started this exciting venture.

Designer Bumps solves the maternity wardrobe challenge by making special occasion wear available on an as-needed basis. Why make a permanent investment in an expensive item that will just gather dust in your cupboard after your pregnancy? Or worse yet, settle on something that doesn’t fit or wasn’t quite what you had in mind? We believe that ‘good enough’ just won’t do and that you deserve to feel beautiful at every stage of your pregnancy! With an extensive range of gorgeous dresses from top Australian and international maternity wear designers, you’re bound to find something that makes you feel amazing.