Being a first-time mum can be daunting. Nothing can prepare you for the changes your body undergoes. The big boobs, the fluid retention, the food cravings, the food revulsions, the heightened smells, the swollen ankles…. Need I go on?

But something else I wasn’t prepared for was the lack of maternity wear available. I no longer fitted my skinny jeans, my midriff tops and my sports bra’s and there wasn’t a whole lot going on the mummy market to help me!! This meant I was doomed to wearing my dad’s clothes for a greater portion of my pregnancy, and believe me this wasn’t a good look!

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the maternity wear scene has dramatically changed in the 5 years since I had my magnificent child?! And let me tell you – it has changed! It has changed in the range and styles that are available and, it has changed, because no longer do you need to sink hundreds of dollars into purchasing your maternity wear wardrobe you can now hire them!!

You heard me right – hire them.

If you haven’t heard of this phenomenon yet – put your coffee down and listen up. You no longer have to buy your maternity wardrobe, you can simply hire it! Ingenious, right? So, the idea is, we only wear our maternity wear for a limited time, even if we have a second pregnancy, fashion changes, our body changes and we can’t rely on the hope that we are still going to want to wear the clothes we did the first-time round.

‘How do we do this’, I hear you ask. Well, it’s simple. There is a new kid on the block Designer Bumps, who stocks a range of maternity wear for every occasion and you can simply hire it for a one-off use. Let’s be realistic – you can’t always be dressed immaculately, it’s ok if (like me) you spend 80% of your pregnancy in your Dad’s/husband’s clothes. But on the other occasions, where you know you want to look presentable and you want to feel good about your growing belly and water retention face – you can simply hire a maternity outfit!

And they’re good! The range is good, the price is good and the concept is fantastic!

So – if you are an expectant mum, get excited! And pop on over to the Designer Bumps Facebook page for a look see. I honestly wish this had been around when I was pregnant! But – in the hopes that I help out some other lost first time Mumma, I will leave this valuable piece of pregnant Mumma inspo here for you…

You can thank me later!

Shannon xo